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So far, no names named in interference probe

So far, no names named in interference probe
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Photo by Jason Hafso on Unsplash

Canadian politicians are struggling to come to grips with foreign interference in Canadian elections after a report from an intelligence committee last week revealed that some lawmakers appear to have been wittingly or unwittingly compromised by China and India.

But the names? No one knows, at least not publicly. The report, which relies on classified intelligence, cannot legally publish them, and the government has rejected calls from the Conservative opposition to release them. So far, they have not leaked, but they may yet.

The Liberal government’s inaction on foreign interference, particularly by China, led to a damaging series of leaks from the intelligence community, which forced the Liberals to call a public inquiry and bring forward legislation to create a foreign agent registry.

It appears the judge overseeing the inquiry will be asked to look at the evidence concerning potentially disloyal politicians. It is not yet clear whether she will release the names, but if she doesn’t, Canadians will be left with the disquieting sense that they can’t trust the people governing them.


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