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136,000: The protests that swept across France on Saturday included around 136,000 people, according to the country's interior ministry. That's far fewer than the 290,000 that turned out two weeks earlier for the first nationwide gilets jaunes rally.

18,700: Chinese movie distributors waited just a few days to cut the number of screens showing the hit US film Crazy Rich Asians nearly in half, to 18,700. Although the film's all-Asian cast and focus on Asian-American experience made it a landmark hit in the US, its opening weekend in China was a bust. It raked in less than a million dollars, well behind locally-produced films.

148: Despite sanctions, from January to mid-August, two dozen tankers made at least 148 deliveries of refined petroleum products to North Korean ports, according to a UN official. To evade detection, the captains make ship-to-ship transfers of the contraband on the high seas.

10: Last year, less than 35 percent of the world's electricity was generatedfrom non-carbon sources, according to BP.In order for the world to produce all its electricity via renewables by 2050, the use of solar and wind power would have to increase tenfold each year between now and then.


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