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Hard Numbers

65 million: About 65 million apartments, more than 20 percent of all apartments in Chinese cities, are unoccupied, according to a new study. That's cause for concern in a country where housing, construction, and related industries account for up to one-third of economic growth.

5 million: In India on New Year's Day, 5 million women and girls created a 385-mile long human chain "in support of gender equality." They have the support of the center-left local government, but not of Narendra Modi's ruling BJP, which depends on support from Hindu nationalists.

41: In the 2016 US presidential election, 27.3 percent of eligible voters chose Trump, 28.5 percent chose Hillary Clinton, and 3.3 percent chose other candidates. Nearly 41 percent chose not to vote. As new candidates position themselves for 2020 presidential bids, their biggest challenge isn't to win arguments but to motivate people to show up on Election Day.

0: There were zero attempted coups d'état in the world in 2018, just the second year without a coup attempt in the past 70 years. (The other was 2007.) Maybe that's because today's leaders make governance look unappealing.


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