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Hard Numbers

19: The arrival of Egyptian-born footballer Mo Salah to Liverpool FC correlated with a nearly 19% drop in Islamophobic hate crimes in Liverpool's home region and a 50% drop in Islamophobic tweets by Liverpool supporters, according to a new study. (Liverpool FC is a UK soccer team that just won the UEFA Champions League, for our American readers or anyone who's been living under a rock).

5: New US State Department rules will require visa applicants to the US to provide email addresses and phone numbers going back five years, in addition to all social media handles. The State Department says this will affect nearly 15 million would-be visitors every year.

90: If you're worried about climate change, what you do on land is only part of the problem: maritime shipping accounts for 90 percent of all global trade and ships tends to burn the dirtiest, lowest-quality fuels available, making them one of the most significant sources of global pollution today.

150: Russia requires more than 150 online services to save user data and pass it on to the government if requested. Just this week, it added the dating app Tinder to that list. #SwipeFromRussiaWithLove


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