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Hard Numbers: Brexit Anxiety Is Making Sheep Fat

145,000 – Companies have announced plans to relocate 145,000 jobs to the united states over the past two years. Some 30,000 of those "reshored" jobs are directly the result of President Trump's bare-knuckle trade policies, according to a report by the Reshoring Initiative. For perspective, 145,000 jobs is roughly one month's worth of average job gains in the US over the past decade.

900 – if you thought the politics of Brexit were wooly already, consider this British farmer who is fattening up his 900 sheep extra fast so that he can sell them before October 31st, the date when the UK is supposed to leave the EU, deal or not. He's worried that without a deal, EU tariffs could decimate sheep exports to the continent, creating glut that craters prices in the UK.

83 – The implementation of Colombia's Nobel Prize-winning peace deal with FARC rebels has been spotty – of the more than ten-thousands ex-combatants slated for reintegration into society, 83% are still without productive work, raising the risk that they take up arms again.

50 – Africa's population boom and rising living standards are putting pressure on the continent's higher education systems. African universities currently feature 50% more students per professor than the global average, even as rising enrollment rates still rank last among the world's regions.


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