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Hard Numbers: Did the Entire Country of Ecuador Just Get Hacked?

4,000: South Korea is on high alert after reporting its first case of African Swine Flu, a deadly virus infecting pigs that has already hit Asia hard, sending pork prices through the roof. Seoul will slaughter some 4,000 pigs to prevent the highly-contagious disease from spreading throughout the country.

55 million: As the Ebola virus continues to spread in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the World Health Organization (WHO) says it's running out of money to prevent the deadly disease from ravaging West Africa. WHO has received $55 million from governments around the world, just 20 percent of what's needed to implement a strategic response.

20 million: Up to 20 million people had personal data leaked online when hackers breached Ecuadorian government registries and state-owned banks. Ecuador is home to 16.5 million people, suggesting that the entire population could have been affected.

48: Taliban suicide bombers killed 48 people in two attacks in Afghanistan on Tuesday, less than two weeks before that country holds presidential elections. Last week, US-led negotiations to end more than 40 years of violence in Afghanistan broke down, and the Taliban has vowed to continue waging attacks.


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