High and Dry: Tackling Global Water Stress
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Hard Numbers: Does Social Media Control Your News?

600: Political violence in Burundi in 2015 prompted half a million refugees to flee, mostly to Tanzania. Now, the first 600 are heading back voluntarily as part of a mass repatriation program. But other Burundians fear being sent back against their will after the Tanzanian government said it would start repatriating all Burundians "willing or not."

2 million: School closures in Haiti over the past two weeks have left about 2 million children and adolescents without access to education, according to the United Nations. Anti-government protests and violence engulfing that county have also disrupted hospitals and aid supplies, and could deteriorate into a full-blown humanitarian crisis, the UN warns.

62: Some 62 percent of US adults say that social media platforms have "too much control" over the news that appears on their feeds, according to a recent Pew poll. Just 21 percent believe social media companies have "the right amount of control" over the mix of news they see.

7.5 billion: The World Trade Organization has given the US the go-ahead to impose tariffs on $7.5 billion of European exports, including aircrafts and some agricultural products. This is the latest installment in a protracted US-EU row over European subsidies to the EU's leading aerospace company, Airbus.


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