Russia-Ukraine: Two years of war
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Hard Numbers: EU vs Amazon, Falklands mine-free, Southeast Asian web users, more despair for displaced Iraqis

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. Reuters

10 billion: Amazon could face a fine of nearly $10 billion if an EU court finds it guilty of having breached the bloc's antitrust rules. Brussels charged the US tech giant with unfair competition practices, alleging that it uses its size, power, and data of third-party sellers to undermine small businesses.

38: The Falkland Islands are now finally clear of antipersonnel mines 38 years after the UK fought a bloody war with Argentina over the sovereignty of the overseas British territory in the South Atlantic. The last remaining mine was removed by a Zimbabwean team supervised by UK soldiers, as part of London's obligations under the UN treaty against such explosive devices.

40 million: Pandemic lockdowns created 40 million new internet users across Southeast Asia so far this year, according to a new report by Google which looked at web users in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. A whopping eight out of 10 people across these countries said that access to technology helped them get through the difficult lockdown period.

100,000: Iraq's decision to rapidly close several camps for displaced people could leave more than 100,000 of them homeless in the middle of a pandemic, the Norwegian Refugee Council warns. The Iraqi government expects the displaced people to return to their areas of origin, but most have nowhere to go because their towns were ravaged by the conflict with the Islamic State.


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