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Hard Numbers: Filipinos flee volcano, Nigerian chef cooks up a storm, MBS spends big on gaming, not dead yet in Ecuador

Lava and ashes flow from the Mayon volcano in Albay province, Philippines.

Lava and ashes flow from the Mayon volcano in Albay province, Philippines.

Lisa Marie David via Reuters Connect

15,000: Almost 15,000 people have fled the erupting Mayon volcano in the northeastern Philippines. The volcano is a tourist draw due to its made-for-Instagram conical shape, but if it explodes the mighty Mayon could bury entire villages in lava and even send clouds of ash all the way to Manila.

93:11 — Nigerian chef Hilda Baci broke the Guinness World Record for cooking non-stop by making food for 93 hours and 11 minutes, with only one five-minute break per hour to rest or go to the toilet. During her marathon cooking session, Baci mostly prepared local dishes such as jollof, a spicy tomato-based stew with rice very popular in West Africa.

8 billion: Saudi Arabia has dropped nearly $8 billion since Jan. 2022 on buying or acquiring stakes in gaming and e-sports companies. Officially, this is part of the kingdom's broader push to diversify its economy away from oil, but we also know that Crown Prince MBS is an avid gamer.

5: Before you put someone in the ground, make sure he/she is, erm, actually dead. In Ecuador, a 76-year-old woman was found still breathing almost five hours after her body was placed in a coffin for a vigil before her burial. This is why wealthy people who suffer from taphophobia (the fear of being buried alive) have special safety coffins built.


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