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Hard Numbers: Haitian hospitals at risk, US cash for ASEAN, Dutch pension fund dumps fossil fuels, Biden freezes US aid to Sudan

Locals carry containers, used for oil and gasoline, during fuel shortages in Port-au-Prince, Haiti October 24, 2021

500: Fuel shortages in conflict-ridden Haiti are putting many hospital patients at risk. If fuel isn't delivered ASAP, UNICEF says around 500 people – including children and COVID patients – are at very high risk of deterioration. Supplies and deliveries have been disrupted for weeks because of heightened gang activity in the country.

102 million: US President Joe Biden has pledged $102 million to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and is this week addressing the group at a virtual summit. The funds will go to climate initiatives, education and health projects, and are part of Washington's efforts to build a bulwark against China in the region.

15 billion: Ahead of COP26, Dutch pension fund ABP said it will divest $15 billion from fossil fuel-producing companies by 2023, a massive commitment from one of the world's largest pension funds. Multinational corporations like Fidelity International, an asset manager, have also made more ambitious climate pledges in the lead-up to the global climate summit.

700 million: Washington has frozen $700 million in direct financial aid to Sudan after the military staged a coup on Monday. The US said that in order for funds to be unfrozen, Sudan's generals need to release and reinstate the country's civilian leadership, and stop targeting pro-democracy protesters – both of which are extremely unlikely.


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