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Hard Numbers: House Democrats Go On Record

107: More than a dozen House Democrats have gone on record saying they would support an impeachment inquiry into President Trump since Robert Mueller testified about his Russia investigation on Capitol Hill last week. Some 107 House Democrats – 11 short of a majority of the caucus – now publicly support impeachment.

2/5: Nearly two in five Russians would prefer that Vladimir Putin leave office after his current term expires in 2024, according to a new survey by Russian pollster Levada. That's an 11 percent increase from 2018.

2: The percentage of American women aged 25-54 who were either working or looking for jobs fell 2 percentage points from the end of the 1990s to the end of 2018. The percentage of "prime age" women in the workforce in Australia, the UK, Canada, France and Germany rose between 2-9 points over the same period, a difference researchers attribute to more worker-friendly public policies, including parental leave.

67,000: Just 67,000 private homes in Cuba had legal internet connections at the end of last year, according to Freedom House. On Monday the government adopted new rules that – depending on how they are enforced – could open the door to legalizing unofficial wifi networks that many Cubans use to access the 'net, part of a broader push to improve internet connectivity on the island.


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