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Hard Numbers: How many ISIS fighters have escaped prison?​

Hard Numbers: How many ISIS fighters have escaped prison?​

3,000: Envoys from Russia and 54 African countries met in the Russian resort town of Sochi for a summit to discuss trade, military cooperation, and nuclear energy. Around 3,000 delegates attended the event, where Vladimir Putin promised cooperation without "political or other" intervention.

44: Millionaires account for one percent of the world's population, but they own 44 percent of global wealth, according to Credit Suisse research. While economic inequality persists in every region of the world, the gap between the world's haves and have-nots has actually narrowed slightly since peaking in 2016.

100: Since the Turkish invasion of northeast Syria began, at least 100 ISIS prisoners have escaped detention centers there and remain at large. The US special envoy to Syria told Congress that the remaining 10,900 ISIS fighters detained in that area are still imprisoned.

77 million: Zimbabwe's state-owned electricity company has cut power to mines, farms and other users because of unpaid bills totaling $77 million. Severe droughts have already caused daily power shortages lasting up to 18 hours.


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