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Hard Numbers: New Delhi is suffocating

Hard Numbers: New Delhi is suffocating

55: The Spanish public has an overall negative view of government and politicians, and harbors strong doubts about the state of its democracy, according to a Pew poll. Ahead of Sunday's national elections – the country's fourth in just four years – fifty-five percent of Spaniards disagree with the notion that "government is run for the benefit of the people."

38.5: In the years since the great recession of 2009, income for the top one percent of US households has grown 38.5 percent. Income for the rest of the population has grown just 10 percent during the same period.

10: Yesterday, the Indian capital of New Delhi entered its 10th consecutive day of hazardous air pollution, a public health emergency that's caused flight cancellations and school closures in a sprawling city that's home to around 30 million people. India's Supreme Court found that the state government had "miserably failed" to protect the public from toxic fumes.

9: At least nine members of a Mexican-American family were killed when their vehicles were ambushed by suspected drug cartel gunmen in northern Mexico. The attack on US citizens is likely to put pressure on Mexico's president who's been accused of lacking a coherent security strategy to deal with the dominant cartels.


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