Hard Numbers: Police vs Protesters in Hong Kong

22: French inventor Franky Zapata finally succeeded in his bid to fly his crazy jet-board across the English Channel on Sunday, making the 22-mile crossing in 22 minutes. The pictures of him gliding into Dover were insane.

1: The anti-Brexit Liberal Democrats picked up a Conservative seat in a UK parliamentary by-election in Wales on Friday. That leaves recently appointed Prime Minister Boris Johnson with a governing majority of one as he tries to lead the UK out of the European Union in October.

6: Mexico's president said six of its citizens were killed during the mass shooting that killed 20 people in El Paso, Texas, on Sunday. Mexico's foreign secretary called the shooting an act of terrorism and said his government was considering legal action to "demand that the United States protect the Mexican community in the United States."

500: More than 500 people have been arrested in Hong Kong since protests began on June 9. Yesterday 82 people were detained as protestors, who launched a general strike, clashed with police and fought with club-wielding gangs

Microsoft announced earlier this year the launch of a new United Nations representation office to deepen their support for the UN's mission and work. Many of the big challenges facing society can only be addressed effectively through multi-stakeholder action. Whether it's public health, environmental sustainability, cybersecurity, terrorist content online or the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, Microsoft has found that progress requires two elements - international cooperation among governments and inclusive initiatives that bring in civil society and private sector organizations to collaborate on solutions. Microsoft provided an update on their mission, activities for the 75th UN General Assembly, and the team. To read the announcement from Microsoft's Vice President of UN Affairs, John Frank, visit Microsoft On The Issues.

Over the past eight days, the US-China relationship got notably hotter. None of the new developments detailed below is big enough by itself to kill hopes for better relations next year, but collectively they point in a dangerous direction.

US jabs over Hong Kong: On September 14, the US State Department issued a travel warning for the city because of what it calls China's "arbitrary enforcement of local laws" by police. The US is closely monitoring the case of 10 people detained by China while attempting to flee to Taiwan by boat. China's response to US criticism of its new security law in Hong Kong remains muted. That could change if relations deteriorate further.

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As global leaders turn their attention to the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and the 2020 General Assembly, GZERO Media offers a look back at one of the greatest diplomatic mysteries of the 20th century. The UN's second Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld's mysterious death in 1961, while on a mission to Congo, is the subject of a new book by investigative correspondent and New York Times correspondent Ravi Somaiya. It has the twists and turns of a Tom Clancy novel.

Trump is willing to give up Wisconsin for Belarus' democracy? When multilateralism hits the Zoom calls, we can't really tell what's real and what's not. #PUPPETREGIME

Kevin Sneader, global managing partner for McKinsey & Company, provides perspective on how the pandemic has influenced climate action:

Has the pandemic helped or harmed efforts to tackle climate change?

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How has the pandemic influenced climate action?

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