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Hard Numbers: Syria and Russia are bombing hospitals

Hard Numbers: Syria and Russia are bombing hospitals

60: Since April, Syrian and Russian planes have struck at least 60 health facilities in northwestern Syria, according to a painstaking investigation by the New York Times. At least 29 of those facilities are on an "off limits" list assembled by the United Nations.

8: At least eight people have died this week in Australia's rapidly expanding bushfires, which have destroyed more than 200 homes and forced thousands of people to flee their homes.

9 million: The digital currency Bitcoin gained 9 million percent in value since July 2010, according to Bloomberg. Any bets on how it'll do in the new decade?

30: The strike by French transit unions angry about a proposed pension reform is now in its 30th day, making it the longest work stoppage in France since the landmark protests of 1968.


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