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Hard Numbers: The Price of a Prized Pigeon

1: Since October, more than 160,000 people from Guatemala have fled to the United States seeking asylum. That's fully 1 percent of the violence-plagued country's population. For reference, imagine if 800,000 Germans, 3 million Americans, or 13 million Indians left their country in just 6 months.

20: Last year German authorities recorded 1,800 anti-Semitic crimes nationwide, a 20 percent annual increase. Almost all of the crimes were perpetrated by right-wing groups.

400: Tighter US sanctions on Iran have hit the press – literally. Iranian newspapers are running out of paper and ink amid a broader economic crisis have caused the price of newsprint to shoot up as much as 400 percent for some publications.

1.4 million: Over the past year, many wealthy Chinese have fallen prey, as it were, to an obsession with Belgian racing pigeons, which can swiftly find their way home even from thousands of miles away. One buyer dropped $1.4 million for a highly coveted Belgian racing pigeon named Armando. #OnTheWingsOfLove


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