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Hard Numbers: Ukraine strikes back, Barbenheimer at box office, more BRICS in the wall, Texas floating border, Japan-China export controls

Cutouts of tanks with Ukrainian and Russian flags on a background map of Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine
Jess Frampton

50: Ukraine has taken back 50% of the territory initially seized by Russia when it invaded the country, according to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Kyiv initially struggled to make progress in its much-anticipated counteroffensive, where Ukraine needs to show its Western friends that it can recapture Russian-held territory to keep the arms and aid flowing.

155 million: “Barbenheimer” is a hit. While gender wars beat nukes at the box office this weekend, with “Barbie” opening to a record-setting $155 million, “Oppenheimer” was also in the pink, beating expectations with an $80 million debut.

40: As the BRICS group of countries — Brazil, China, India, Russia, and South Africa — gear up for their August summit in Johannesburg, more than 40 nations now say they want to join the club. Top contenders include Iran, Argentina, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia.

1,000: The US Justice Department is threatening to sue Texas if Republican Gov. Greg Abbott doesn't remove a controversial 1,000-foot long floating barrier along the Rio Grande. Abbott says that the wrecking ball-sized buoys — secured to the riverbed by anchors — are necessary to defend the US southern border, but the DOJ believes it violates federal law and pose humanitarian risks for migrants.

23: Japan's new export controls on 23 items used in making advanced semiconductors took effect Sunday. Although Tokyo claims that the curbs don't target China specifically, they dovetail with similar US chipmaking restrictions. Beijing says it might respond by selling Japan fewer rare-earth minerals.


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