Munich 2024: Protecting Elections in the Age of AI
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Hard Numbers: US chip war hits Chinese tycoons, Nigerian gay wedding raid, Taliban ban women from college, EU solar surge

A woman visits a semiconductor device display in Shanghai, China.

A woman visits a semiconductor device display in Shanghai, China.

6: Despite years of legal wrangling to prevent it, six years (2015-2020) of former US President Donald Trump's tax returns will soon be made public. Trump's team has characterized Tuesday's decision by the House Ways and Means Committee as a politically motivated attack.

28: The US tech war on China's semiconductor industry is hitting Chinese tycoons where it hurts most — their wallets. According to a private survey, the combined private wealth of China's top 100 richest chip bosses has dropped by a whopping 28% this year.

19: Islamic police arrested 19 people accused of organizing a gay wedding in Kano, one of 12 states in northern Nigeria that enforce sharia law — which mandates the death penalty for same-sex relationships. The couple, who did not get hitched, is on the run.

0:: That's how many women the Taliban will allow to attend university in Afghanistan from now on. The hardline Islamic regime had already limited the subjects women could study in college and separated them from men, but this latest move confirms that the Taliban 2.0 is a carbon copy of its first iteration from 1996-2001.

47: Solar energy generation in the EU has surged by 47% so far this year compared to 2021, as this renewable source is fast becoming an affordable solution to high energy prices across the bloc. Germany added the most solar power, closely followed by Spain.


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