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Hard Numbers: US Farms Game The System For A Crop Of Cash

3.6: Ten years ago, the number of Chinese students who went to the United States to study was rising at an average clip of 30 percent per year. Last year, that number had fallen to just 3.6 percent, according to the Institute of International Education.

30: South Korea says it'll move fast on plans to give $8 million worth of humanitarian aid to North Korea, which is suffering its worth drought in decades. Now, if you do the math, that comes out to about 30 cents per North Korean.

79: In April, Mexico detained more than 20,000 migrants at its southern border, a jump of some 79 percent compared to one year prior. It was on 2 April that US President Donald Trump backed off on a threat to close the US-Mexico border, saying he was satisfied that Mexican authorities were apprehending "large numbers" of people.

10: About one tenth of US farm operators have scooped up more than half of the money dished out to soften the impact on farmers of the Trump administration's various trade fights. Although there is a cap of $125,000 per applicant, larger farms have apparently used loopholes to collect that money many times over.


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