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Hard Numbers: Water Stress and Amazon Deforestation

1/4: A new report from the World Resources Institute found that countries containing one quarter of the world's population are at risk of running out of water. It also found that 33 of the world's largest cities, with a combined population of more than 250 million, face extremely high water stress, with dangerous implications for public health. Cities at greatest risk include Beijing, New Delhi, Dhaka, Riyadh, Cairo, Mexico City, and Los Angeles.

278: Brazil's President Bolsonaro doesn't like it when critics call him "Capitão Motoserra" (Captain Chainsaw), but new evidence suggests he has indeed fast-tracked deforestation in the Amazon. Preliminary data from Brazil's National Institute for Space Research revealed an estimated 870 square miles of Amazon forest cleared in July, an area about half the size of Philadelphia. That's reportedly a 278 percent increase from July 2018.

400: Some Romans are fed up with disrespect for their most famous monuments and landmarks, and their city council has taken action to stop it. You probably know better than to bathe in Trevi Fountain, but you'll also risk a fine of €400 if you sit on the city's famed Spanish Steps. Not all Romans agree with these rules.

42: US users of Facebook reportedly spend about 42 minutes a day on the site, according to eMarketer, a research firm. Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has proposed something he calls the "Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology Act," which would limit all social media usage to 30 minutes per day.


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