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Hard Numbers: Where Eagles Dare to Roam, Expensively

Hard Numbers: Where Eagles Dare to Roam, Expensively

73: Mozambique's incumbent President Filipe Nyusi of the ruling Frelimo party won a landslide victory, securing 73 percent of the presidential vote. Many hoped that elections would solidify a fragile peace pact after decades of civil war in that country, but the opposition party, Renamo, said it won't accept these election results.

14: Support for Chile's President Sebastian Pinera has dipped to just 14 percent amid recent protests over economic inequality. It's the lowest approval rating for a Chilean leader since the country returned to democracy three decades ago.

100,000: Russian researchers tracking eagle migrations had to crowdsource 100,000 rubles to pay off roaming charges when the birds, sporting transponders that work with cell service, flew off to Iran and Kazakhstan. When even that money fell short, a Russian mobile operator bailed them out.

50: Hong Kong's lucrative tourism industry has taken a big hit as a result of months-long protests, with inbound travelers decreasing by 50 percent in the first half of this month compared to the same period last year. Hong Kong's financial chief has warned that the economy could contract this year as anti-government protests continue.


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