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How Does the Stock Market Impact My Daily Life?

How Does the Stock Market Impact My Daily Life?
How Does The Stock Market Impact My Daily Life?

How does the stock market impact my daily life?

Well, the stock market is collectively a place where investors can buy and sell shares. Sometimes people think of the stock market as an economic indicator. Now, a majority of Americans, over 55 percent, are invested in the stock market through things like 401(k)'s, IRAs, and also college savings plans.

What is an IPO?

Well, initial public offering is the very first time a private company sells shares to the public in the stock markets. They do it for many, many reasons, including needing capital to expand their businesses. It's also the first time an investor or an individual can buy shares in a public company like Uber or Pinterest or Levi's, which all came public this year. Now, a very fun fact or a fun fact here is that the very first IPO was the Dutch East India Company back in 1602.


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