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Hump Day recommendations

Eat: Salmorejo — You've probably heard of gazpacho, a popular Spanish tomato-based cold soup (not a secret police led by Nancy Pelosi, as MTG once blurted out). But you might not be as familiar with its creamier cousin, salmorejo. While gazpacho is a mix of veggies, salmorejo is made only with tomato, garlic, and leftover bread from the day before — giving it a richer texture. Make it even tastier by adding some chopped boiled egg and tiny jamón tips. It's ... delicious. Here's a recipe. — Carlos

Watch: Dynamite — As we noted above, since last year, large numbers of Chinese consumers have lost online access to K-pop, South Korea’s global pop music phenomenon, which has been caught up in ever-fluctuating political tensions between China and South Korea and in debates within China about traditional cultural values. Here’s a four-minute video to help you decide how sorry you should feel for them. (Please note: This is my first and last boy band recommendation.) — Willis

Eat: German Käsekuchen — Every summer, my teenage daughter asks for a Germany-style birthday cheesecake, which she grew to love as a youngster living in Esslingen. Germans use quark instead of cream cheese, which results in a fluffier cake. If you’ve never had the chance to try one in Deutschland, fear not — you can find quark (if you look hard enough), and here’s a recipe to try. — Tracy

Read: Rogues — I am filled with writer envy whenever I read a piece of writing by the New Yorker’s Patrick Radden Keefe. He has a knack for telling the stories of grifters, crooks, and troublemakers that neither vilifies nor glorifies: He simply meets his subjects where they are. Rogues, Radden Keefe’s latest book of essays, includes previously published pieces that will introduce you to the Dutch mafia, and take you on the run with "El Chapo" Guzmán. — Gabrielle


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