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Hump day recommendations 10/11/2022

Read: Maria Ressa finds jihadists on Facebook. Ten years ago today in Manila (I was there!), the Philippine journalist launched “10 Days, 10 Years: From Bin Laden to Facebook.” The Nobel laureate digs into how Islamic terror groups in Southeast Asia were already mobilizing on social media before the Islamic State became a thing. — Carlos

Watch: Krokodil Gena. Fans of Soviet animation already know that though Cheburashka was adorable, Krokodil Gena, the pipe-smoking crocodile who “works at the zoo as a crocodile,” was the more interesting character. Judge for yourself. – Willis

Watch: Aftersun. The relationship between mother and daughter is rich territory often explored by artists – but between fathers and daughters, not so much. “Aftersun,” a new film by up-and-coming Scottish director Charlotte Wells is centered on the relationship between Calum and his 11-year-old daughter Sophie. Throughout the film, much is conveyed through sound, touch, and what is left unsaid. Viewers are left with the strong sense that though love is indeed powerful, it doesn’t always conquer all. – Gabrielle


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