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Hump day recommendations 10/18/2022

Watch: "The Patient." What would you do if you were kidnapped by a serial killer to be his ... therapist? I'm absolutely hooked on this Hulu miniseries, with great performances by Steve Carell and Domhnall Gleeson. You probably know Gleeson from “Harry Potter,” but I just found out he's the son of the iconic Irish actor, Brendan Gleeson. Don't miss it. — Carlos

Listen: Parcels. Australia has lots of solid exports – Vegemite, flat white, Blundstone footwear. But Parcels, an electro-pop band that started in the hipster beach haven of Byron Bay, New South Wales (now based in Berlin), is a lesser-known brand in some circles. Their poppy music also fuses soul and disco. It’s soothing and chill but also carefree and fun. – Gabrielle

Bake: a GBBS pie. “The Great British Baking Show” is halfway through its 10th season. I don’t often get inspired to try one of the featured bakes, but when I learned that judge Prue Leith’s favorite dessert was lemon meringue pie — one of last week’s assignments — I had to have a go. My first attempt? Well, I’m not in line for star baker, but it was pretty tasty. – Tracy

Watch: a journey through the fog. Last week Willis recommended the timeless Soviet children’s cartoon Cheburashka, so this week I’m following up with the classic 1975 Soviet animated film “Hedgehog in the Fog (Yozhik v Tumane),” a tender little story about a hedgehog who journeys through a dark, foggy forest to have tea and count the stars with his friend, a bear. It’s a 10-minute odyssey of fantasy, fear, and wonder. Here it is with English subtitles. – Alex


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