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Hump day recommendations 11/01/2022

Read: Tiger Kings. Siegfried and Roy, the cat-loving duo that were maybe lovers or maybe just friends, loved the spotlight but also relished secrecy. Their shtick with big cats on stage in Vegas made them very rich and famous. But who were these two German lads deep down and what made them tick? This feature from The Atlantic is a fascinating read on the original Tiger King(s) – Gabrielle

Rock: the Philippines. Filipinos love to sing and perform, and some of the country's biggest stars have enjoyed global success. Think Broadway musical queen Lea Salonga, Journey's Arnel Pineda, or from the Black Eyed Peas. Yet, sadly, the best rock bands are barely known abroad. Do yourself a favor and check out this Spotify playlist with '80s & '90s classics. — Carlos

Read: “Mercy Street,” by Jennifer Haigh. Haigh delves into the lives and viewpoints of people who come and go from a women’s clinic in Boston, America’s most Catholic city. It focuses especially on Claudia, an abortion counselor, and her interactions with family, patients, boyfriends, and protesters, shedding light on how all sides view this divisive topic. If you need to get your book club talking, this is one to try. – Tracy

Call: balls and strikes. It’s never been tougher to be a Major League Baseball umpire. Not only are the pitches faster and nastier than ever, you’ve got instant replay in the stadium and a hundred million-strong peanut gallery on social media reviewing every call you make. Think you could do it? Well, this New York Timesinteractive lets you step behind the plate yourself. Ball or strike? You’re missing a heck of a game here, blue! — Alex


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