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Is China's economy shrinking because of the trade war?

Is China's economy shrinking because of the trade war?

Well, no. It's not shrinking at all. In fact, it's growing at 6.2%, which is a few tenths of a percent down because of these additional U.S. tariffs. That's a bigger hit than the American economy certainly takes. But let's be clear, the biggest reason why China's economy is not growing as fast is because it's getting larger and it's getting wealthier. Bigger, wealthier economies grow at a slower clip - that should be recognized.

Will Trump's new migrant plan work?

Well I mean some pieces of it will work. Numbers actually coming across the borders right now are going down and a big piece of that is because the Trump administration pushed Mexico hard to strengthen their own border controls. The Mexican government facing threat of tariffs, threw 18,000 more troops at their own southern border. We've already seen those numbers diminish but certainly the Americans at the border are overwhelmed by the numbers of migrants that are coming in. That system is pretty broken.

Will Trump sanction Turkey for buying a Russian missile system?

The answer is yes. And the Turkish government believes that Trump is not going to sanction them. They're wrong. And it's also completely not interoperable with NATO systems. Functionally, Turkey is going to be in a lot of trouble. They'll take sanctions directly from the U.S. on their defense companies that are involved but also you'll see fewer exercises and NATO's alliance with Turkey is getting weaker.

Wales, early 19th century: During breaks from his law studies, William Robert Grove indulges in his passion for science to become an inventor. On his honeymoon in Europe, he learns about the new energy source everyone's talking about: electricity. After learning that electricity allows water to be broken down into its two components, hydrogen and oxygen, his intuition leads him to an idea that ends up making him a pioneer of sustainable energy production.

Watch the story of William Robert Grove in Eni's MINDS series, where we travel through time seeking scientists.

Ian Bremmer's Quick Take:

Hi, everybody. Ian Bremmer here, and as we head into the weekend, a Quick Take on, well, the first bombing campaign of the new Biden administration. You kind of knew it was going to happen. Against some Iranian-backed militias in Syria, looks like a couple of dozen, perhaps more killed, and some militia-connected military facilities destroyed. I think there are a few ways to look at this, maybe three different lenses.

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Afghanistan frustrated nineteenth-century British imperialists for 40 years, and ejected the Soviet army in 1989 after a bloody decade there. And though American and NATO forces ousted the Taliban government in 2001 over its support for al-Qaeda, there's no good reason for confidence that nearly 20 years of occupation have brought lasting results for security and development across the country.

But… could China succeed where other outsiders have failed – and without a costly and risky military presence? Is the promise of lucrative trade and investment enough to ensure a power-sharing deal among Afghanistan's warring factions?

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Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Sweden, shares his perspective from Stockholm on Europe In 60 Seconds:

Is there a military coup ongoing in Armenia?

Well, it isn't a military coup as of yet, but it's not far from it either. This is the turmoil that is resulting from the war with Azerbaijan, which Armenia took a large death loss. What happened was that the head of the armed forces asked for the prime minister to resign. That was not quite a coup, but not very far from it. Now, the prime minister sacked the head of the armed forces, there's considerable uncertainty. Watch the space.

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In the fall of 2019, weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic would change the world, Ian Bremmer asked Dr. Fauci what kept him up at night and he described a "a pandemic-like respiratory infection." Fast-forward to late February 2021 and Dr. Fauci tells Ian, "I think we are living through much of that worst nightmare." Dr. Fauci returns to GZERO World to take stock of the nightmare year and to paint a picture of what the end of the pandemic could look like—and when it could finally arrive.

Catch the full episode of GZERO World, where Dr. Fauci discusses the latest in vaccine roll out, schools re-openings, and plenty more, on US public television stations nationwide, beginning Friday, February 26. Check local listings.

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Biden strikes Syria. Now what?

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