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Hump day recommendations

Listen: Youssou Ndour will turn 65 this year. After 30 years on the world music scene, and many more lifting spirits in his native Senegal, he’s still raising that mighty voice. – Willis

Listen: “Cowboy Carter,” by Beyoncé. If Spotify charts are to be believed, you’ve probably already heard snippets from Queen Bee’s country debut, but the whole album is worth your time. The creative risk pays off beautifully with innovative original pieces and covers of country classics like Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” (featuring harmonica from Stevie Wonder!). My favorite? A reimagining of the Beatles’ “Blackbird.” – Matt, with thanks to GZERO reader Ruth S.

Watch: “The Gentlemen.” Ever wondered what Brexit did to cannabis exports? This new Netflix series sheds some light on that underworld, and it’s just as darkly humorous and addictive as any of Guy Ritchie’s work. A British aristocratic heir and spare have their scripts flipped by their deceased father’s will … only for the shocked new duke to find himself hip-deep in his big brother’s misdeeds. Hijinks ensue. – Tracy

Watch:“Love Lies Bleeding.” This movie felt like a fever dream. It’s difficult to describe the plot. It’s a crime thriller and a love story jumbled together, with a whole lot of weirdness sprinkled in. And as the title suggests, there’s a lot of blood. If you enjoy nontraditional narratives and surrealism, I would highly suggest checking this out. – John


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