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Hump Day Recommendations, May 22, 2024

Watch: “A Gentleman in Moscow.” This new show based on a 2016 novel of the same name follows the story of a Russian aristocrat imprisoned in the attic of a luxurious Moscow hotel in post-revolutionary Russia. Ewan McGregor is fantastic in the lead role of the witty but thoughtful Count Alexander Rostov. Definitely recommend! – John

Go out: Comedy Bang! Bang!is back on tour, with stops across the US and Canada this summer. If you’ve never experienced the absolute unhinged hilarity of this legendary and long-running (15 years!) improv comedy podcast from Scott Aukerman, the live shows are a great way to dive in. I’ll be at the show in DC! - Matt

Read:“First Person Singular,” by Haruki Murakami. If you're a fan of Murakami or just love a good collection of short stories, you should read this. It’s a delightful mix of nostalgia, introspection, and Murakami's signature surrealism wrapped up in eight mundanely mystical stories. – Riley

Listen: The Long Island Jew who turned out to be ... Irish? Matt Katz grew up in a Jewish family, estranged from the (also Jewish) man he thought was his biological father. But when a genetic test reveals Matt is actually Irish – and that this is news even to his mother – it sets Katz off on an amazing investigative journey into family history and medical (mal)practice. Katz, one of the top radio reporters at WNYC in New York, put it all together as a podcast called An Inconceivable Truth. Does he ever find his real dad? Check it out. – Alex


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