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Hump day recommendations, Nov. 29, 2023

Watch:Anatomy of a Fall.” This year’s Palme d’Or winner at the Cannes Film Festival, “Anatomy of a Fall” is a courtroom drama that centers on a fatal fall under mysterious circumstances as well as the fall of a complex relationship. It’s a tautly paced, smartly acted drama that has mesmerized audiences by refusing to obey film convention. – Willis

Listen: “King Yellowman.” This iconic 1984 album from pioneering Jamaican DJ Yellowman layers his catchy, clever lyricism over tracks built out of an encyclopedic knowledge of classic reggae, calypso, and skiffle to produce a contagiously energetic record. Skip the Bluetooth headphones and play this one on the hi-fi for the best experience. – Matt

Watch: “Napoleon.” The reviews are mixed, and it’s being criticized for its lack of historical accuracy, but Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” is a captivating look at one of the most iconic leaders in history. Ignore the critics and check out this quirky, surprisingly comical piece of historical fiction starring Joaquin Phoenix. The battle scenes are epic, and it’s worth seeing in theaters. – John


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