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Hard Numbers

69/78: 69 percent of Americans polled say Russia tries to influencethe domestic affairs of the United States. 78 percent of Russians polled say the United States tries to influence domestic affairs in Russia.

200,000: The Grand Review of the Armies, the largest military parade in US history commemorating the end of the Civil War, included over 200,000 soldiers. That’s going to be tough to top.

Zero: Despite a recent surge in violence, the Syrian government has not authorized a single aid delivery to besieged areas or a single evacuation for medical treatment in two months, according to the UN.

107,000: Do Saudi women want to work? The Saudi General Directorate of Passports has begun to recruit women for the first time. In one week, they received 107,000 applications for 140 job listings.

2: Following appearances in eight Winter Olympics, North Koreans have wonjust two medals, one silver and one bronze.


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