High and Dry: Tackling Global Water Stress
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Hard Numbers

1.5 billion: President Trump has threatened to impose tariffs on the remaining $262 billion worth of US imports from China not already targeted by the administration. That includes $1.5 billion worth of Christmas ornaments. #WarOnChristmas

130 million: President Trump, who faced scrutiny yet again this week for his treatment of the media, has used the phrase “fake news” in a total of 258 tweets during his presidency. Nonetheless, confidence in two organizations often targeted by the president, the NY Times and Washington Post, has increased, even among Trump supporters. In fact, over the past two years, the New York Times’ monthly online readership has doubled to 130 million.

556:An Indian man filled 556 potholes in the country’s most populous city, Mumbai, over the weekend to commemorate the death of his son in a bike accident caused by poor road conditions. India’s notoriously shoddy infrastructure could use a few million more people just like him.

41: With an election coming up in October, 41 percent more Brazilians have registered to vote from abroad compared to the country’s last election in 2014, according to government figures. That’s not a sign of confidence that this election outcome will set Brazil on the right track.

-6:Nicaragua’s economy is expected to contract by almost 6 percent this year, in large part due to disruptions caused by the ongoing fighting between embattled President Daniel Ortega and opposition protestors. In 2017, the country's economy grew by nearly 5 percent.


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