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813 million: The population of China’s cities has quintupledsince 1980, reaching 813 million people today. By 2030, a fifth of all the world’s city-dwellers will be in China. ​

433,236: At the end of 2017, there were 433,236 refugees and asylum seekers living in a single German state — North Rhine-Westphalia. That is seventy-eight thousand more than you will find in all of Italy, which is now under the control of a ferociously anti-immigrant government.

95: Some 95 percent of homicides in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador go unpunished, according to the Atlantic Council. That level of impunity, coupled with some of the highest murder rates in the world, is one of the main factors pushing people to seek refuge in the United States.

5: ​​According to FIFA, five of the top seven countries that purchased Word Cup tickets in advance were Latin American. The biggest football fanaticsare, in order, Brazil (73,000 tickets), Colombia (65,000), Mexico (60,000), Argentina (54,000), and Peru (44,000).


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