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Trumped For a Year

Trumped For a Year

Saturday marked the first anniversary of the most unexpected and unusual presidency in modern US history. And whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying Donald Trump’s impact on America’s role in the world. To mark the occasion, top analysts at our parent company, Eurasia Group, put together a region-by-region look at how The Donald’s “America First” presidency has rippled across the globe.

Among the highlights, he’s “reinforced the power of authoritarian strongmen in the Middle East and North Africa” given the Europeans a “perilous optimism” about the Transatlantic relationship, sowed deep uncertainty in Latin America, and opened the way for President Xi Jinping to expand China’s soft power in Asia and more broadly. Meanwhile, the alleged “shithole” comments haven’t done anything to endear him to Africa. And of course, “this can’t be where the White House and Kremlin thought they’d be after a full year of the Trump presidency” right?

Read the full rundown here, and buckle up for year two.


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