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What has the coronavirus done to the tech industry?

What has the coronavirus done to the tech industry?

Nicholas Thompson, editor-in-chief of WIRED, discusses technology industry news today:

Now that Andrew Yang is out of the presidential race, is any candidate talking about tech?

Well yea, Elizabeth Warren talks about it a lot. She talks about antitrust, she talks about disinformation. Klobuchar has talked about tech a little bit. But it is true Yang was the candidate who brought it up the most. It's an issue that has not been discussed enough in the race, so Yang will be missed.

What has the coronavirus done to the tech industry?

Well, they canceled Mobile World Congress. It's a big deal. It means I'm not going to be going to Barcelona in two weeks. But the big question is how will it affect the tech supply chain? A lot of which is in China.

What is cloud neutrality?

So there's an idea of net neutrality, which is that traffic all over Internet networks should be fair and safe and should just be transmitted without fear or favor. The idea of cloud neutrality is that all of our information is stored up in the cloud. Amazon. Microsoft. Google. And that all of these companies that store our information should follow the principles of net neutrality on it. It's an idea and a name that Molly Wood came up with, or at least that's the first I've heard of it, in a WIRED opinion essay. And I am all in favor of it.


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