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Why is Amazon suing the Pentagon?

Why is Amazon suing the Pentagon?
Why is Amazon suing the Pentagon?

Well, Amazon and Jeff Bezos say that President Trump intervened to block them from getting a giant cloud computing contract with the Pentagon because Trump doesn't like Bezos because he owns The Washington Post. Not sure it will go anywhere. But it does open another avenue into whether Trump abused his office of the presidency.

What did the FBI report into the Russian inquiry show?

Well, it's very long, but it does not vindicate Trump's narrative that he was illegally spied on by the FBI and the Russia investigation was illegitimate. It does show some wrongdoing that the FBI will want to clean up, but it does not give Trump the narrative that he wants and he's not happy about it.

What are the Afghanistan Papers and where do they come from?

Well, it's a huge trove of documents leaked to The Washington Post that shows years and years and years of lying by government officials and several presidents about how the Afghan war was going. Looks a lot like the Pentagon Papers did in Vietnam. Very embarrassing to the military. I'm sure will lead to some kind of hearings.


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