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Why is Instagram hiding "Likes?"

Why is Instagram hiding "Likes?"
Why is Instagram hiding "Likes?"

Why is Instagram going to hide likes?

Well, one explanation is that they want to encourage healthy behavior and a like can make us addicted. Second explanation is that they get rid of the likes, they can get more of the cut in the market for influencers, who get money from advertisers, sometimes based on likes.

Should I guard my health data with the same vigilance as I do my financial data?

Good question. You need to guard it probably with more vigilance than you're doing right now, but not quite as much because your health data can't be stolen.

What is concerning about Google's ambition to enter the world of banking?

Google is a data company. It's about organizing the world's information. The reason they're getting into banking and payments is A. To make internet transactions more efficient, get more people to use the internet, which is good for Google. But also, there's a lot of data in financial transactions and that can be used for all the ways that Google makes money.


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