Why is President Obama warning Democrats?

Why is President Obama warning Democrats about nominating a candidate who is too progressive?

Well, he's something of a moderate himself. And he's worried that if Democrats nominate a super progressive candidate, particularly on issues like health care, they will lose moderate voters, suburban voters, swing district voters, and hence the key states they need to win to beat Trump. So that's why he's warning.

What do the results of the Kentucky and Louisiana governor's races tell us about 2020?

Well, they tell us that Trump has really no coattails at all. And the Republicans are in trouble in those suburban areas. And that's a big issue for them heading into 2020.

Were there any smoking guns in the first week of impeachment testimony?

Well, I wouldn't say smoking guns, but there was lots of compelling testimony from Bill Taylor, Marie Ivanovic, all documenting a quid pro quo between aid to Ukraine and an investigation of Joe Biden. I think that's why you see polls moving slowly in favor of impeachment of Trump.

Scientists, engineers and technologists are turning to nature in search of solutions to climate change. Biomimicry is now being applied in the energy sector, medicine, architecture, communications, transport and agriculture in a bid to make human life on this planet more sustainable and limit the impacts of global warming. New inventions have been inspired by humpback whales, kingfishers and mosquitoes.

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The Trump administration's Middle East peace plan – three years in the making—is expected to be revealed tomorrow at a joint White House press conference between Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Recall that the economic part of the plan, which calls for $50 billion of international investment to boost the Palestinian economy, was released last summer to weak applause, because it didn't include a framework for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Here are a few things to look for when more details are released tomorrow.


The 2020 Iowa Democratic Caucuses, a critical early contest on the path to winning the nomination, will take place on Monday, February 3rd. After that, the pace of the primaries picks up fast, with important contests in New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. Here's the latest polling of the frontrunners in each of those states. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders tops polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, but former Vice President Joe Biden is number one in Nevada and has a commanding lead in South Carolina.

John Bolton's book: Details of former US National Security Advisor John Bolton's hotly-anticipated White House memoir, "The Room Where it Happened" have started to leak, including an allegation that President Trump was explicit about holding up security aid unless Ukraine investigated his Democratic rivals. This will intensify pressure on moderate Senate Republicans to join Democrats in calling for Bolton and other direct witnesses to the President's conduct to testify under oath in the impeachment trial. This may also provide an opening for Democrats to lobby Chief Justice John Roberts – who is presiding over the Senate trial – to subpoena Bolton himself. We're watching to see how Republicans in the Senate respond to this new pressure.


51: Following a recent uptick in Taliban violence, Afghan security forces have struck back, killing at least 51 of the group's fighters in recent days. This comes amid a renewed stalemate in US-Taliban peace talks that recommenced in Doha last week.