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Did the debates sink Joe Biden?

Did the debates sink Joe Biden?
Did the debates sink Joe Biden?

Did the debates sink Joe Biden?

It did not sink him. He wasn't good. He stumbled on some answers. He certainly got attacked by Kamala Harris on race issues but he's still up in the polls. He can recover in future debates so it didn't sink him, but he's definitely got to recover from that one.

Will Trump see any benefit from holding off on more China tariffs?

He'll get market benefit for sure. I don't think he gets a lot of political benefit unless he actually cuts a big deal with China and takes all the tariffs off.

Does Trump get any political benefit from going to North Korea?

I don't think he really does. He got a photo op but unless there is a nuclear agreement with North Korea in which they abandon their nuclear program then no, there's no political benefit.

Finally, The Rant:

Today's rant is on Huawei, the China telecommunications giant, and the fact that it's gotten all wrapped up in trade talks. If we're serious about blocking Huawei from making inroads into U.S. technology in ways that are dangerous, they should not be part of these trade talks. A big mistake to do that.


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