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Facebook Bans 'Dangerous' Voices: Tech in 60 Seconds

Facebook Bans 'Dangerous' Voices: Tech in 60 Seconds
Facebook Bans 'Dangerous' Voices: Tech in 60 Seconds

Will Facebook face a backlash over banning Louis Farrakhan and Alex Jones?

Yes! Every time Facebook bans somebody they will proclaim themselves a free speech martyr. That doesn't mean Facebook shouldn't have banned them.

Hey Google, what happened to revenue growth?

Google's earnings... not good. Revenue is not growing as fast as it has. Stock went way down. Why? I don't really know. I guess it has to do with YouTube ads and also Amazon taking market share. But Google for as analytic a company it is doesn't break things out the way it should.

Why did Apple just pay Qualcomm more than $4 billion?

Licensing! The interesting reason is that Intel proved unable to make 5G chips. So Apple is totally reliant on Qualcomm.

Could AC units help clean up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?

Yes! There is a really interesting scientific paper suggesting that you can retrofit your air conditioners. So instead of producing more carbon dioxide and actually also producing heat, they could pull it in and use it as a fuel source. That would be amazing and everybody should go work on that right now.

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