Global Health Expert: Americans Have 2-3 Days to Make Tough Decisions

In this clip from the upcoming episode of GZERO World with Ian Bremmer, acclaimed health and science journalist Laurie Garrett explains that time is of the essence as major cities begin to head into "shelter-at-home" policies and lockdowns.

Garrett advises that everyone needs a specific plan for lodging, medicine, and finances for at least the next eight weeks. She details the kinds of conversations all families should be having as they make these choices. Next, she emphasizes the need for a volunteer corps in U.S. communities, able-bodied individuals who can help bring groceries to those who can't leave their homes, drive people to health centers if necessary, and work with organizations like Red Cross.

Laurie Garrett is a Pulitzer Prize-winning global health writer and former senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Her work includes The Coming Plague, a book depicting in great detail the onset of new global pandemics, and she served as a top advisor for the film "Contagion."

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How will our cities and lives change in the future? What about a structure with a roller skating rink above a swimming pool, made out of transparent solar panels that power the entire park? This was the innovation invented by Eni's young researchers based on Luminescent Solar Concentrators, developed through Eni's research.

Watch the latest episode of Funny Applications, Eni's video series that imagines new uses for technology.

For 30 years, citizens of Hong Kong have gathered in Victoria Park on the evening of June 4 to honor the peaceful protesters massacred in Beijing's Tiananmen Square on that date in 1989. It has been the only public Tiananmen commemoration permitted on Chinese soil.

This year, the park was surrounded by barricades to keep people out. The officially stated reason for the shut-down? Crowds spread coronavirus. (In this city of more than 7 million, COVID has so far killed four people.)

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In an interview with GZERO World host Ian Bremmer, Hong Kong lawmaker Dennis Kwok, an outspoken pro-democracy advocate, expresses his concerns that the current "draconian" laws China's leadership is forcing upon his city has expedited the end of the "one country, two systems" policy established in 1997.

Ian Bremmer's Quick Take:

Big news, of course, that former Secretary of Defense Mattis comes out with a public statement basically calling Trump's rule, his actions, unconstitutional and unfit for office, more divisive than any president he's ever seen.

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French protests over racial injustice: The George Floyd protests in the United States have sparked solidarity demonstrations around the world, with people flocking to US embassies in Berlin, London and elsewhere to express their outrage. But they have also inspired other countries to reexamine racial justice within their own societies. In France, where street demonstrations are practically a national pastime, thousands of people have gathered in support of the family of Adama Traoré, a 24-year old black man who died in police custody back in 2016. At least 20,000 Parisians demonstrated Wednesday, despite coronavirus bans on public gatherings. Protesters adopted similar language to the Floyd protests, demanding accountability for the officers who violently pinned down Traoré during a dispute over an identity check, leading to his death. Renewed focus on this case, which has become a potent symbol of police brutality in France, comes as coronavirus lockdowns have recently stoked tensions between the police and the mostly-minority residents of Paris' banlieues (low-income suburbs).

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