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GZERO AI launches October 31st

GZERO AI: Your essential weekly AI read

There is no more disruptive or more remarkable technology than AI, but let’s face it, it is incredibly hard to keep up with the latest developments. Even more importantly, it’s almost impossible to understand what the latest AI innovations actually mean. How will AI affect your job? What do you need to know? Who will regulate it? How will it disrupt work, the economy, politics, war?

That's where our new weekly GZERO AI newsletter comes in to help. GZERO AI will give you the first key insights you need to know, putting perspective on the hype and context on the AI doomers and dreamers. Featuring the world class analysis that is the hallmark of GZERO and its founder, Ian Bremmer--who himself is a leading voice in the AI space--GZERO AI is the essential weekly read of the AI revolution.

Our goal is to deliver understanding as well as news, to turn information into perspective and data into insights. GZERO AI will feature some of the world’s most important voices on technology, such as our weekly data columnist Azeem Azhar, and our video columnists Marietje Schaake and Taylor Owen. GZERO AI is your essential tool to understanding the technology understanding you!

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