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Dr. Fauci’s cautious take on post-vaccine life

Dr. Fauci’s cautious take on post-vaccine life
Dr. Fauci’s Cautious Take On Post-Vaccine Life | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

Dr. Tony Fauci has faced renewed heat lately from critics across the political spectrum, including The View's Meghan McCain, who feel the White House has not provided clear enough guidance to Americans about how to navigate the pandemic. And as millions receive their second jab of COVID-19 vaccines, demands for clear guidelines about what vaccinated Americans can or cannot do have grown louder. On GZERO World, Dr. Fauci offers more context, but stops short from providing definitive answers, about post-vaccine life. "You know, things will change gradually because we want to accumulate data....Just because you're vaccinated, restaurants are not going to open. Ball games are not going to be played necessarily. Theaters are not going to be open."

Ian Bremmer's conversation with Dr. Fauci is part of the latest episode of GZERO World, which will begin airing on US public television nationwide Friday, February 26th. Check local listings.


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