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Ehud Barak interview: Israeli democracy on the chopping block

Ehud Barak interview: Israeli democracy on the chopping block
Israeli democracy on the chopping block | GZERO World

Israel's delicate balance between democracy and political power is under threat, as the government's proposed judiciary overhaul poses a significant risk to the checks and balances of its political system.

On GZERO World, former Prime Minister Ehud Barak warns that the judicial overhaul, backed by coalition members, would undermine the independence of the courts and leave the executive branch unchecked. Barak describes current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet as legal but "illegitimate," with a "black flag waving over it." It's no surprise, he says, that it has been sparking protests nationwide.

Note: This interview was first featured in the GZERO World episode "How Bibi could end Israel's democracy (or get ousted)," published on May 8, 2023.

As Israel marks Memorial Day and Independence Day back-to-back, Barak underscores the high cost the country has paid for its existence and its willingness to do so again. Meanwhile, Netanyahu faces a difficult choice between jeopardizing Israel's democracy, national identity, and economy by pushing forward with the judicial reform agenda, or risking losing the support of his far-right coalition.


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