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How to solve Colombia's cocaine problem

How to solve Colombia's cocaine problem
How to Solve Colombia's Cocaine Problem | GZERO World

According to a 2022 White House report, during the pandemic, coca cultivation and production in Colombia reached a record 245,000 hectares and 1,010 metric tons. In an exclusive interview with GZERO World, Colombia's new president, Gustavo Petro, said that enough is enough.

“It's shameful that just because we are the producers of the coca leaf or cocaine we’ve believed that we must silence ourselves and accept the policies of world powers in this regard, even though they are totally wrong. This must end.”

Key to curbing Colombia’s drug problem, Petro explains, is reassessing the Colombia-US relationship.

The Biden administration has already signaled to Petro that they know the War on Drugs has failed. But both nations, Petro argues, must stop viewing the jungle as “the enemy.” Only then can there be progress.

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