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Hard Numbers: 1,000 migrants reach Greece from Turkey in 24-hours

Hard Numbers: 1,000 migrants reach Greece from Turkey in 24-hours

3: Israelis headed to the polls today for their third general election in less than a year, after the last two elections failed to break the country's political stalemate. Incumbent Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu's Likud party appears to be the winner, but it remains to be seen whether Bibi can form a coalition government in the 120-seat Knesset, Israel's parliament.

15: Iraq's prime minister-designate Mohammed Allawi has stepped down from that post after legislators, mired in political infighting, failed to approve his cabinet. A new prime minister must now be chosen within 15 days, plunging the country into another stage of chaos and insecurity.

389 million: The US Congress has approved $389 million for AIDS relief in Zambia starting in October. Women in Zambia are disproportionately affected by HIV, making up around 60 percent of the infected population in that country.

1,000: Greek officials said Monday that about 1,000 migrants had reached its eastern Aegean islands from Turkey in the past 24 hours alone. It's the latest sign of the intensifying humanitarian crisis on Europe's doorstep since Turkey opened its doors for migrants to leave its territory for the EU last week after a major escalation in northern Syria.

Khant Thaw Htoo is a young engineer who works in Eni's Sakura Tower office in the heart of Yangon. As an HSE engineer, he monitors the safety and environmental impact of onshore and offshore operations. He also looks out for his parents' well-being, in keeping with Myanmar's traditions.

Learn more about Khant in the final episode of the Faces of Eni series, which focuses on Eni's employees around the world.

Over the weekend, some 40,000 people in Moscow and thousands more across Russia braved subzero temperatures to turn out in the streets in support of imprisoned Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. More than 3,000 protesters were arrested, and Navalny called on his followers to prepare for more action in the coming weeks.

But just who is Alexei Navalny, and how significant is the threat that he may pose to Vladimir Putin's stranglehold on power in Russia?

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9.2 trillion: COVID vaccine hoarding by rich countries and uneven global access to the jabs will draw out the global recovery from the pandemic. In fact, it'll cost the world economy as much as $9.2 trillion, according to a new study by the International Chamber of Commerce.

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The United States has never been more divided, and it's safe to say that social media's role in our national discourse is a big part of the problem. But renowned tech journalist Kara Swisher doesn't see any easy fix. "I don't know how you fix the architecture of a building that is just purposely dangerous for everybody." Swisher joins Ian Bremmer to talk about how some of the richest companies on Earth, whose business models benefit from discord and division, can be compelled to see their better angels. Their conversation was part of the latest episode of GZERO World.

Ian Bremmer's Quick Take (part 1):

Ian Bremmer here, happy Monday. And have your Quick Take to start off the week.

Maybe start off with Biden because now President Biden has had a week, almost a week, right? How was it? How's he doing? Well, for the first week, I would say pretty good. Not exceptional, but not bad, not bad. Normal. I know everyone's excited that there's normalcy. We will not be excited there's normalcy when crises start hitting and when life gets harder and we are still in the middle of a horrible pandemic and he has to respond to it. But for the first week, it was okay.

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