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Hard Numbers

1: There were more than 33,000 murders in Mexico in 2018. But there is just one store where it's legal to buy a gun in the entire country. Perhaps the guns used in many of these homicides are entering Mexico from somewhere else. #ElNorte

3 million: Milan's La Scala opera house announced this week it will return a more than €3 million donation to Saudi Arabia in response to an Italian public outcry over the kingdom's human rights record. Accepting the donation would have forced La Scala to accept the Saudi culture minister as a new member of its board of directors.

2.1 billion: Of the world's 7.7 billion people, 2.1 billion still lack consistent access to safe drinking water at home, according to the latest World Water Development Report, published each year by the United Nations.

394,603: Never pick a public fight with a smart satirist. On Monday, Congressman Devin Nunes of California filed a $250 million lawsuit against Twitter, claiming the company should pay damages for allowing parody accounts like @DevinCow to make fun of him. Mr Nunes' cow, which uses bovine puns to insult the offended lawmaker, had about 7,500 followers on Monday. Thanks to publicity generated by the lawsuit, which experts say will be quickly thrown out of court, the cow began to gain a bigger audience. As of this writing, Congressman Nunes had 394,565 followers, and his cow had about 598,000.


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