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13: The percentage of Brazilians polled who say they have "no trust" in recently inaugurated President Jair Bolsonaro has jumped 13 points since January, amid a corruption scandal that has ensnared his son and the president's preference for waging culture wars rather than solving economic problems. What's more, only 34 percent of Brazilians say his government is doing a "good" or "great" job – the lowest figure this early in a Brazilian president's term since it emerged from a military dictatorship three decades ago.

24: A 24-year run of left-wing governments in the southern Italian region of Basilicata came to an end Sunday, as Matteo Salvini's Far Right Lega party swept to victory there. Lega, once a Northern secessionist party, has made big gains in southern Italy by rebranding itself as an Italian nationalist party at war with both immigrants and distant European bureaucrats.

60: Sixty percent of Americans believe the country will be less important on the global stage by 2050, according to new poll from Pew. By that time, the US economy is likely to than that of both China and India.

40: The EU is threatening to suspend a special trading relationship with Cambodia that accounts for 40 percent of the nation's exports over alleged human rights abuses. Under the 17-year agreement, Cambodia has enjoyed preferential access to the world's largest trading bloc.


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