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Hard Numbers

37: A new survey of citizens in 34 African countries finds that 37 percent say they have "considered emigration." Of those, 36 percent say they'd move to another country in Africa. Some 27 percent would prefer Europe, and 22 percent would choose North America. Not surprisingly, it's the youngest and best educated who are most interested in crossing borders.

55: In 2000, Chinese investment in African infrastructure represented just 2 percent of US investment in the continent. In 2014, China's total reached 55 percent of that of the US. The consulting firm McKinsey predicts that Chinese investment in Africa will surpass US totals within a decade.

91: Venezuela was hit with another nationwide blackout this week, during which 91 percent of the country lost connection to the Internet. President Maduro blames this latest outage on a team of snipers "sent by the coup-mongering right." Maduro's critics blame years of under-investment and poor maintenance.

28: In the 32 months since she became the UK's prime minister, Theresa May has accepted the resignations of 28 cabinet ministers, by far the highest rate of government attrition in the UK since the end of World War II. Of those, 18 have quit over Brexit. Three stepped down this week alone.


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