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Hard Numbers

11 billion: The Trump administration has proposed slapping tariffs on $11 billion of European cheese, olive oil, wine, helicopters, and other products after the World Trade Organization found that EU subsidies to aerospace giant Airbus violated its rules. If Trump follows through on the threat, it would rile ongoing talks between Washington and Brussels over a broader trade deal.

58: A new Pew study found that 58 percent of Americans say race relations in the United States are "generally bad." As ever, partisan lines are stark: Democrats take a dimmer view of race relations --and lay more of the blame on President Trump -- than Republicans do.

54: Just over half of Britons in a recent poll – 54 percent – said they would welcome a leader who's willing to break rules to get things done. It's yet more evidence that the Brexit circus risks inflicting lasting damage on UK institutions.

6: Russian political operatives offered money to at least six of the 35 candidates vying for the presidency in Madagascar's election last year, according to a BBC News investigation. Madagascar is one of Africa's poorest countries, but has large deposits of economically important metals and is the world's biggest vanilla producer.


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